Vennerbrook Farm – Products

Available From Our Farmhairsheep


Purebred Katahdin Hair Sheep

Breeding stock available mid summer of every year.

Purebred Ewes $250.00 each.


Lamb for Meat – Grass Fed – Mild Flavoured and Lean

Sold Cut, Wrapped and Frozen.Katahdin lamb Chemainus BC

Whole lambs only @ 36 to 53 #’s +/-.

$6.00 per lb. hanging weight.

Two cuts available, one with some ground using one shoulder and neck, the other with stew leaving shoulder as a standard cut.



Free Range – Grass Fed

Cut, Wrapped and Frozen. Sold in sides or mixed sides (2 parties per side)

Limited number per year.

$4.00 per lb hanging weight.

Note: One side or two mixed quarters available around the end of November, 2013


Sweet Corn

Super Sweet, two varieties available.

Word back from buyers of the corn has been excellent.

Please call for farm stand location.



Fresh frozen Р free run chicken.

Please call for availability and pickup dates of  Chicken. $3.50 per lb. Weights range from 5 to 8 pounds. Typically available in boxes of 7 or by the bird.



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